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With members of the Chelmsford Democratic Town Committee.

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Proud to have support from Boxborough area Democrats!
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Shapiro discusses his plans to improve the Governor's Council with members of the Belmont and Watertown Democratic Committees.
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With Alderman Brian Yates and Community Activist Jerry Reilly at the Hemlock Gorge Community Dinner in Newton.

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With Sue Kennedy at Democratic State Convention. Proud to have support from so many Democratic activists.

Charlie Shapiro is the progressive, pro-choice Democrat in the race for Governor's Council, District 3. He proudly supports equal marriage and adoption rights, the LGBT Community, and full equality and opportunity in every sense.

To all our supporters: It appears that enough of the results are in to show that the incumbent will remain in office. A huge thank you to those who supported our campaign and took time to be helpful in a host of ways.

I’m very proud to have run an honest, respectful, and fact-based campaign.

Again, thank you for all you have done and I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

Charlie Shapiro

It’s Time For a Change. We Can Do Better.

  1. Shapiro is the progressive in the race. Shapiro is proudly pro-choice. (Incumbent is endorsed by MA pro life. Link:
    Shapiro supports equal marriage, adoption, and LGBT rights. He’ll vote to confirm judges who believe women should have access to health care without being hassled.
  2. Open Meeting Law. The Governor’s Council is not subject to open meeting law. Shapiro will vote with other Councillors to voluntarily comply. Incumbent disagrees.
  3. Real transparency. The incumbent continues to insist that nominees meet her in private for 4-6 hours. Surprisingly, she takes great pride in this. The public and even other Governor’s Councillors are not privy to the information gathered during those meetings. It’s not illegal. It’s just wrong. That’s what the Governor’s Council meetings are supposed to be for: Public questioning and discussion. Shapiro will work to ensure the public’s right to participate is protected.
  4. Gov. Council District Meetings. Shapiro supports Councillors Albano, Jubinville, and Duff’s efforts to bring initial meetings to areas that are distant from Beacon Hill. (such as the recent Western MA meetings). Incumbent refused to attend and protested the effort to hold community meetings at all.
  5. Webcast meetings: Governor’s Council meetings are held weekdays during business hours. Hard for public to attend. Shapiro will work to webcast them based on the existing collaboration between the SJC and Suffolk University. More eyes. More transparency.
  6. The Berman nomination debacle. The incumbent’s personal animosity with the ADL clouded her judgement in this nomination. Gov Patrick took the highly unusual step of calling the process disappointing, unprecedented, and unfair. In contrast, Shapiro will use a nominee’s qualifications as the basis for his votes, and will be respectful, thoughtful, and well grounded during the entire process.
  7. It’s past time for a change. approx 60% voted for change 2 years ago. Incumbent won primary with only about 40% and was re-elected. Shapiro is running again this year, he is endorsed by Harry Margolis (the other challenger in 2012), and this time its a 1-1 race in the Democratic primary. With your support, Charles N. Shapiro will help end the drama and bring positive change to the Governor’s Council.

On Sept 9th, please vote Charles N. Shapiro for “Councillor”



What the media has been saying about the Governor’s Council:
Those familiar with the Governor’s Council know it’s been riddled with personality conflicts, punitive and sometimes inappropriate questioning of nominees, and has fallen short of being a consistent source of pride for voters.

wbur150x150“…The meetings have gotten contentious, sometimes just crazy.”
WBUR 4/27/2011


globe“…a circus…”
The Boston Globe 11/24/2013


herald“…another example of politics pushing decency aside”
Boston Herald 12/3/2013

We Can Do Better.

“By working together, treating each nominee with dignity, respect, and a genuine appreciation for their desire to be in public service, we will help restore civility and make the Governor’s Council work for all of us.

I’m asking for your vote. Please Vote Shapiro in 2014.”

                                  — Charlie Shapiro, Former Newton Alderman &
                                              Candidate for Governor’s Council 

In the 2012 an unprecedented 60% voted for change in the Governor’s Council District 3 Seat. However, the 60% was split between 2 challengers allowing the incumbent to remain in office.

This year, there is one strong challenger – Shapiro – who will help restore thoughtfulness and dignity to the office of Governor’s Councilor in the 3rd District.

On Tuesday September 9th, please vote Shapiro for “Councillor”.

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