Those familiar with the Governor’s Council know it’s been riddled with personality conflicts, punitive and sometimes inappropriate questioning of nominees, and has fallen short of being a consistent source of pride for voters.

“…The meetings have gotten contentious, sometimes just crazy.”
WBUR 4/27/2011

“…a circus…”
The Boston Globe 11/24/2013

“…another example of politics pushing decency aside”
Boston Herald 12/3/2013

We Can Do Better.

By working together, treating each nominee with dignity, respect, and a genuine appreciation for their desire to be in public service, we can help restore civility and make the Governor’s Council work for all of us.
I’m asking for your vote. Please Vote Shapiro in 2014.

                                  — Charlie Shapiro, Former Newton Alderman &
                                              2014 Candidate for Governor’s Council 

In the 2012 an unprecedented 
60% voted for change in the Governor’s Council District 3 Seat. However, the 60% was split between 2 challengers allowing the incumbent to remain in office.

This year there is one strong challenger who will help restore thoughtfulness and dignity to the office of Governor’s Councilor in the 3rd District.

On Tuesday September 9th, please vote Shapiro for “Councillor”.

What is the Governor’s Council? (click here)

As Governor’s Councilor, I will:

treat each judicial or other nominee with dignity, respect, and an appreciation for their desire to be in public service.

think independently, work collaboratively, and fully represent all 32 communities in the district.

be accessible and responsive to constituents by phone, email, and in person.

increase the Council’s transparency by informing the public of upcoming council agenda online and via an opt-in email newsletter.

implement a special website to provide a fast and easy way to have your voice heard as part of the confirmation process. strong and reasonable, and work with other council members and the public to ensure only the highest calibre individuals are successfully confirmed.


The Change we Need on the

Governor’s Council